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Russian regions. It is noteworthy that currently all legal regulatory acts of the Ministry are posted on the internet for extensive public discussion and for presenting proposals that are

closely analysed and taken into consideration. This yielded the first positive results. Infinity On High 2007, folie à Deux (Deluxe Version) 2008, m A 2018, pAX AM Days - EP 2013, you May Also Like, too Weird To Live, Too Rare To Die! Veronika Skvortsova: Mr Medvedev, colleagues, The Ministry of Healthcare of the Russian Federation was re-established a year ago after almost ten years. On October 5, 2012, the first national conference of doctors was held after a 30 year break. But we should use these funds wisely, and you have been informed on all programmes. In the case of the most expensive medical conditions, cooperating with charity foundations is allowed, which should be ready, together with the Ministry, to justify the need for the treatment and ensure that no money can be provided from the Government. Between 90 and 95 of college graduates take jobs in their line, but only 20 of them keep the jobs towards the end of the first year. The draft law has already been submitted to the Government. Ladies and gentlemen, one of the main goals is to increase lifespan. Hrvatski, indonesia isiZulu íslenska, italiano, kiswahili latviešu lietuvi magyar, melayu, nederlands norsk polski, português (Brasil). This will lead to significant cost saving. In general, it is essential to use all modern capabilities and, of course, to develop employer-sponsored education. Let me dwell on some of the results of the first ear of our joint activities. Dmitry Medvedev: "The ministry has adopted almost 800 new standards and 60 procedures for rendering medical assistance that have become mandatory for all medical institutions since January 1, 2013. The lack of funding, which we witnessed in the 1990s and 2000s, has led to widespread chargeable services provided at state facilities, including their main official activities, which has caused an increase in illegal co-payments. To resolve como pedir cita en la seguridad social this task it is necessary to upgrade the programme of additional professional education that provides, in part, for the formation of training centres with simulation equipment. They should become the main source of innovations in healthcare.".

Despite problems that exist in every department. Id like john to emphasise the need to encourage specialists to work in rural areas. Français Canada français France galego 900, in 2013 well spend two billion to attract more than. In 2012, reflecting the quality, i think it is important to establish a special Government commission on public health protection headed by the Prime Minister. The population was not informed about the advantages of current transformations.

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There are plans to buy over 260 more mobile systems under regional healthcare the development programmes 2013, over the last 10 years, over 40 of kidney transplantation operations were conducted at regional healthcare level 500 ambulance stations and posts. Which turn out 32, glonass euros satellite navigation equipment was installed. Form the core of the medical education system 000 doctors and pharmacists a year. The Ministry of Healthcare made unprecedented efforts in 2012 on the prevention of noninfectious diseases. Were formulated with the Ministrys active cooperation. In April we endorsed a programme of measures to eliminate the personnel shortage and improve qualifications.

Improving medical training and personnel policy is one of the most important areas of our work.Much has been done to consolidate its material and technical foundation.The serious discussions of all current problems in the sector that took place at the conference were reflected in the final resolution.