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how to put eyes on polimet clay doll

nail polish (for polymer clay) or acrylic paints (if using other types of clay you can paint details like the eyes and mouth, to get a more life-like appearance.

You can usually find it at JoAnn's or Michael's, depending where you live. It may need to be baked, air dry, or other curing method. Tips Polymer and other bake-dry clays tend to be sturdier, paragolpes ford escort familiar del 97 last longer, and offer a smoother end-product than air-drying ones. By using our site, you agree to our cookie policy. The head, if you want a good size neck, will need an extra long section of straight wire. Use your finger or a tool to smooth the clay and make the additions and subtractions transition in a way that looks natural. Tell us more about it? To clean and smooth the surface of a head made from polymer clay, use a small section of a baby fajas para liposuccion de brazos wipe or a cotton but dipped in alcohol to gently smooth the skin surface of your miniature sculpture. Generally, the areas where there should be a hole (like a mouth) should be cut away to make the rough shape. Acetone(usually used in the removal of paint) and most nail polishes can dissolve some clays, so be very careful with it, and avoid them all together if possible. Stretch out and fold up one end of each leg for the foot and sculpt the calves, knees and thighs. When you are happy with your sculpture bake it according to the polymer clay directions, or set it aside to dry. Any other varnish may become bubbly or runny when heat is applied (when you bake the head) or turn yellow. Take a steel hook crochet or a screw with a flat end, with a diameter approximately half the eye width. Use a cutting mat, if possible, and with the blade carefully cut them in half (mind your fingers!). If you want to avoid the difficulty of painting the eyes, you can cheat and use plastic doll eyes, which are embedded in the clay of the head and then a clay "eyelid" placed over them to keep them in place and make them look. Community Q A, search. This is also a good time to blend different colors of clay together to achieve the preferred skin tone if the manufactured ones are not exactly what you want. Inscribe any details into the feet and legs, then carve the channel at the top of each leg just as you did on the neck. When done, it should look a little like a snow man in its level of detail. Bake the parts as directed on the clay packaging on either a glass or metal tray.

How to put eyes on polimet clay doll

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10/29/2010 Glass Eyes for your dolls.First I rolled out some clay on the thickest.

Specifically the face, re doing this is because any movement of the eyes during painting will be disastrous 4, you will use two shades of a color. S very helpful to have a guide to follow for dimensions that you can base the sculpture. Warning, c 5, light blue and dark blue, t Mainly profile and front views. The reason weapos, itapos, for example light green and dark green.

Check the sculpture both head on and sideways, to make sure ears line up, and features seem balanced on both sides of the head.Just make the transition as smooth as you can.